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Essential Mountain Bike Gear for Your Next Ride

The Mountain Biker’s Motto Being prepared while out on the mountain bike trail is an absolute must. While looking after your fellow biker is a central part of the ethos of mountain biking, presuming on the kindness of others is regarded as bad form. You should aim to be self-sufficient, and to this end we present a list of the essential mountain bike gear that you need to take on every ride. A great rule of thumb is to pack
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The Insiders Guide: How to Choose a Mountain Bike

I’m so confused! Are you confused by the amount of choice in the mountain bike market? Don’t let the fear of making the wrong choice stop you making any choice at all. Let us help turn off the marketing noise and turn up the focus on what matters most when you choose a mountain bike. Choose a mountain bike that fits you properly. It doesn’t matter how good a deal the bike you are looking at may be otherwise, if
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The Different Types of Mountain Bike – A Dummies’ Guide

But it’s a just mountain bike, right? Yes it is, and no it’s not. In an earlier article we looked at what to prioritise when buying your first bike. In this article we aim to help you get a taste for the the types of mountain bike and the type of riding each is designed to do best with some well-selected videos. Then you can make up your mind what kind of mountain bike is right for you! Types of Mountain Bike
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