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Riding in Hot Conditions – Top Eight Tips for Surviving Summer

With summer upon us in earnest and the hottest months of the year just around the corner, here are our top 8 tips for riding in hot conditions and beating the heat on the bike. Take Care of Your Skin Australia leads the world in many areas, but this one is not something to be proud of. Due in part to latitude, a love of outdoors life, and the effects of the southern polar ozone hole, we are the skin
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Essential Mountain Bike Gear for Your Next Ride

The Mountain Biker’s Motto Being prepared while out on the mountain bike trail is an absolute must. While looking after your fellow biker is a central part of the ethos of mountain biking, presuming on the kindness of others is regarded as bad form. You should aim to be self-sufficient, and to this end we present a list of the essential mountain bike gear that you need to take on every ride. A great rule of thumb is to pack
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