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How to Get the Most Out of Your Cycling Training Program

We uncover the cycling training program secrets of a 3x World Champion • The One Percent Rule • choosing your cycling training program • lessons from cancer • setting realistic goals • staying motivated with your training program • what to look for in a cycling training program • dealing with information  overload • dealing with setbacks in your cycling training program • and finally, how to  get in touch with Jessica if you want to get world class skills and fitness coaching. A few
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Minimum Passing Distance Laws – Getting Police to Act on Video Evidence Part 3

You’ve had the daylights scared out of by a steering wheel attendant close passing you, treating you as a pest, somehow less than human. You, however, were smart and invested in some  bike  mounted camera hardware to these passing incidents. From the previous posts on this blog, you have worked out you have solid photographic evidence of the car’s and bike’s position on the road, thanks to paint and other markings you both passed over. You’ve marked up some screen
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