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Training for Speed and Power: Avoid This One Big Build Phase Mistake

You’ve built yourself an impressive aerobic engine from a solid Base Training program. But that’s not all you need to do. Now it’s time to turn up the wick and convert that endurance into speed and power. That’s what the Build Phase is meant to do. In this blog post we teach you how to do it. Base Phase You’ve been working on acquiring general fitness which includes aerobic endurance, muscular force and speed, and have started working on muscular
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What You Need to Know About Training Zones

Training Zones When you’re trying to improve your riding, what’s more important – how far you ride, or how fast?  Those new to mountain biking and road cycling will improve just by riding more frequently and gradually building distance. However, after a few years further gains from that approach become harder to find, and the intelligent use of intensity and training zones in a structured cycling training plan assumes much greater importance. The Specificity Principle Part of the reason for
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