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The Unconventional Guide to Strength Training for Cyclists

Who should do strength training for cyclists? Elite amateurs or pros spending 25+ hours a week on a bike probably won’t get much benefit from strength training for cyclists. But for the rest of us, it makes us more useful humans and keeps muscle imbalances and injury at bay. Done the right way, it brings improved bike control on technical trails and greater confidence and stability when cornering on the road bike to name two things it can do. It
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Strength Training for Cyclists: Help or Hindrance?

The research done to date on the effects of weight training on cyclists has brought mixed results. The study done by Ben Hurley at the University of Maryland had 10 healthy men take up strength training (bench presses, hip flexions, knee extensions, knee flexions, press-ups, leg presses, lat pulldowns, arm curls, parallel squats, and bent-knee sit-ups) for 12 weeks, while eight other healthy men served as controls. After 12 weeks, the strength-trained men improved their endurance while cycling at an
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